Elk Street BreweryLtd.

& Tap Room


When we found  3 South Elk, we knew we had a great location, right on the corner, in a bustling county seat town. A turn of the century beauty adorned with tons of character...an original tin ceiling, oak floors, & lots of exposed brick...spoke to us & we listened. The integrity was there, albeit all of it need of refurbishing, but we saw the promise of a very cool space that would accommodate a  successful & popular micro-brewery.

None of this undertaking or renovation would have been possible, however, without the knowledge & dedicated work of our entire family.  We have painstakingly & meticulously gutted & renovated the inside of a very old & worn building.

We especially appreciate the willingness, time & help our two sons have given us in making our dream come to fruition. Both boys have sacrificed much for our effort & we can't thank them enough. As well, our thanks to our supportive "framilies" & to the many officials, departments & inspectors in the City of Sandusky, the journeymen: Chuck's Plumbing, Don Reifert Electric, heating and cooling by Dan atLarry's Refrigeration LLC , hardwood floor restorer, Keith and his crew, at Kam Construction of Michigan, LLC, metal fabricating by Wes and company atDPR Manufacturing & the good townspeople of Sandusky. Thank you for your warm welcome, encouragement & enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you at the brewery.

Elk Street Brewery offers Hand-Crafted, Premium Micro Brews using  locally Grown Hops. Our Brews are Designed For maximum flavor, smoothness & drinkability

Family owned and operated

Husband & wife, Ron & Anne , along with sons Ronnie &  Zach, started Elk Street Brewery Ltd. & Tap Room based on a long brewing dream (pun intended). Way back in 1985, when craft brewing or craft beer wasn't all the rage, while the couple were dating & attending college at WMU,  Anne found the perfect gift for Ron. It was a home beer brewing kit purchased from a small home brewing supply shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like everything Ron does, he thoroughly researched  &  gathered information, often consulting the knowledgeable & helpful shop owner, on the ins & outs of successful home brewing. Ron was hooked! From that time on, he talked of one day  opening his own microbrewery.

As a result of the love of creating recipes, the skill involved in brewing & savoring the flavors & complexities of an artfully brewed beer, a perfect storm began " a brewin"  (pun intended, again).  That love, coupled with an allergy to certain ingredients in mainstream commercial beer, steered Ron on a course to becoming an avid home-brew enthusiast. As his skill grew, the dream took on a life of its own with a small personal brewery being set up in an outside shed. When the winter elements became too much of an obstacle,  a garage was built to house an upgraded brewery complete with taps for dispensing as many as six different varieties at the same time. In 2011, Ron and his family started a commercial hop farm called Barkshanty Hops, LLC 

So, after 31 years of hope, faith & hard work we are profoundly excited & so grateful that the dream has become reality. Elk Street Brewery Ltd. & Tap Room has arrived!